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Going beyond complaints, finger pointing and cost savings pressures. Solving root causes once and for all.




Whether it is about directing the enterprise or the ability to adjust fast enough to changing environments, in today's world, the following needs to operate like a high-speed train:

  • The interaction between central organisations and the field (both directions), between best practices and between locations
  • Choosing the result-delivering working practices in complex situations

It makes the difference between

  • Project success or failure 
  • Saving or wasting millions
  • A healthy company or one with yearly cost savings projects

The Search for Effective Solutions is Still On

During the past years, we have seen many improvement projects. Yet, we are still searching for solutions truly solving this challenge. With this, we want to invite you to a fresh approach. That's from questions such as the following:

  1. Traditional or new approach, common business sense or procedure: What are the specific techniques and working practices (not the best practices!) that delivered great results with complex challenges?
  2. What obstacles prevent us from solving this challenge? Not: hundreds of issues, complaints and problems. Wanted: those with high impact.
  3. What are the changeable (root) causes/situations hiding behind the issues, complaints and problems? 
  4. What are the goals for each changeable (root) cause/situation? 
  5. What is the simplest possible solution framework for the whole of the challenge?
  6. How can we get the whole organisation transferred with the lowest possible costs, risks and interruptions to daily operations?

What Happened when these Questions Were Answered

1. The solution for choosing the result-delivering working practices turned out to be surprisingly simple.

It became solvable from a single word, a little exercise and a simple policy! 

 2. The interaction gap was bridged through Guided Self-OrganisationTM.

Guided Self-Organisation implies as much freedom as possible for the agility needs of today's world and as much direction as needed to act as a single organisation.


  • An almost transparent implementation in a bureaucratic environment, for 30.000 employees and with a fraction of the typical costs.
  • Culture changed as underlying causes had been solved.
  • Employees contributed because they could see that their contributions had impact.
  • The quality of service and the success rate of projects improved. Costs reduced.
  • Lost trust was regained.

More Happend

The same approach made the following possible:

  • Identifying huge sources to make Health Services of the Netherlands affordable in the years to come and a solution framework (www.zorgdenkers.nl). 
  • Identifying what exceptionally successful projects had done differently: Also in comparison with Prince2 and PMI methods. 
  • Daily emotional outburst (ADHD) down to one in 10 years. Learning to read within six weeks (Dyslexia): In the family of the ComDyS founder; after official treatments had delivered insufficient results. 
  • The working principles of effective therapies for ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism being explainable: A matter of removing traffic jams in the brain; through techniques such as the one to avoid traffic jams on the road. Surprisingly, it wasn't possible to find research that had used these techniques. 
  • A patent in the field of artificial intelligence (AI): For the next generation of AI.



For more information, please contact Eugen Oetringer at +31-78-644 0199 (Netherlands) or info@comdys.com.


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