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Going beyond complaints, finger pointing and cost savings pressures. Solving root causes once and for all.



Eugen Oetringer, ComDyS Founder

Senior Analyst/Strategist - Sparring Partner

Driven to find high-impact opportunities and to solve high-impact problems once and for all. Interested in organizational challenges, artificial intelligence, IT and (mental) health.


Eugen has worked 23 years at EDS, the IT company founded by Ross Perot, former candidate for the office of President of the United States. When compliance with best practices, processes and standards became more important than solving re-occurring problems and delivering to client needs, he re-applied the ‘old' practices from the 1980s/1990s. To his surprise, this delivered results in IT and in fields he had no knowledge about.

Today, he is an independent analyst/strategist and sparring partner. Eugen is co-founder of the Dutch Health Services Network (Zorgdenkers Netwerk) and actively engaged in the City of Tomorrow at Eindhoven, as well as Rotterdam Kantelt.


Results achieved

  • Bridging a communication gap between central organizations and the field for 30.000 employees via Guided Self-Organization (main inventor and leading roles).
  • A ‘simple' guideline to reduce the crippling bureaucracy and overwhelming complexity to healthy levels.
  • Finding effective treatment after regular treatment had delivered insufficient results for his son: Daily ADHD outbursts reduced to one in nine years and learning to read his first book (Dyslexia). This happened from recognizing a pattern of certain treatments applying techniques he had applied to remove traffic jams in data centre computers (same principles on the road).
  • Identifying a solution framework to create a durable and affordable health services system for The Netherlands; a framework that goes beyond complains, finger pointing and symptom treatment.
  • A patent in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Nomination to become an EDS Fellow (30 positions amongst 129.000 employees).


Our Network

We work together with experts driven to make a lasting difference; experts who have solutions for today's highly complex and constandly changing world.




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Health Check Self-Organisation

A 'simple' test to check whether your initiative is ready for cross-organisational role-out. Download PDF


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