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Going beyond complaints, finger pointing and cost savings pressures. Solving root causes once and for all.





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White Paper (Case Study)

Bridging the Gap Between Central Organisations and the Field

It's all about self-organisation. For self-organisation to work with thousands of employees, some guidance is needed. That's why we call it Guided Self-Organisation. By the way, all employees are invited to provide guidance in the form of lessons learned, workshop floor needs, corporate needs and the likes.

Implemented for 30.000 employees, bottom up.



How a Leading IT Services Company Bridged the Widening Gap in an Increasingly Complex World 

H ave you ever wondered why large organisations have a hard time delivering quality services and keeping their costs under control? Why your project, best practice or investment could not deliver to its promise?

This paper shows how, in an IT services company, the harder employees tried to improve quality, reduce cost and deliver as promised, the more bureaucracy and complexity they got into. In turn, this fuelled a widening communication gap between central and local organisations, undermining improvement initiatives and moving budget into unproductive tasks.

A small group of employees approached the challenge a different way. The solution resulted in unlocking enterprise knowledge and making complex and bureaucratic processes obsolete. It had far-reaching impact on quality, cost and delivery.

Do you recognize the challenges? Then read on, you might make a difference as well.

















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Health Check Self-Organisation

A 'simple' test to check whether your initiative is ready for cross-organisational role-out. Download PDF


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