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Going beyond complaints, finger pointing and cost savings pressures. Solving root causes once and for all.




A Solution Framework for Health Services Netherlands

Health services in The Netherlands is seen as one of the best in the world. It is also one of the most expensive systems. During the past years, many initiatives have been executed to create an affordable system. According to Minister Schippers, the trend of extraordinary cost increases has been stopped. But Schippers also said that costs remain going up. Patients are being prepared for higher contributions. In addition to this, there is the prediction of ‘Centraal Planbureau': By 2040, health services costs shall reach 36% of average family income.

In contradiction to this, the Health Services Network identified root causes of this situation and a solution framework. Listening beyond emotionally loaded discussions made it possible. Result: large, hardly used sources are waiting to be explored. One of this is a cost savings opportunity of €15 billion from getting rid of unnecessary bureaucracy. Another one is that of utilizing knowledge from non-medical disciplines for the identification of better treatments.

Indeed, the framework looks complicated. Given the complexity of the challenge, this is an acceptable situation. What matters is the possibility of going beyond the tipping point where the hardly used sources are explored, fundamental route causes are solved permanently and a health services system is created to which we can all connect to.

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