Fresh Solution Possibilities

Fresh Solution Possibilities  

 for seemingly unsolvable problems and troubled projects

From impossible to new possibility

Coaching and solution design services

Approaches to go about (highly) complex problems

Break  into manageable parts

Assign to an area of expertise

Patterns observed

  • Why this works well in certain situations and fails in other situations has been identified via the Laws of Nature initiative 
  • Effective solutions located outside the parts and areas are missed
  • Partial solutions ‘always’ leave too many external parts and  dependencies unsolved 
  • People have learned to recognise intuitively when either of the above points occurs and act with a lack of support or opposition 

Re-discovered: Focus on the highest impact 

What delivered results where other approaches did not

  1. The root causes of the highest damage tell where to intervene: Hence, there is no risk of getting lost in hundreds or thousands of root causes, symptoms and issues.
  2. Changeable root causes hiding behind those identified tell whether a root cause is solvable
  3. Changeable root causes of the highest impact, phenomena and Laws of Nature guide to the effective solutions 

This led consistently to ‘standard’ root causes of the highest impact and associated solutions waiting to be unlooked, like applying very few Laws of Nature or creating natural process flows.

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