Guiding Principles for Your Transformation to Business Agile

Solution Framework: Part 1

Whatever your situation, following are the guiding principles for your low-risk, low-cost transformation to the Business Agile powerhouse: 

Scale down traditional best practices to where they remain highly effective

We do not want to lose what works well 

Make traditional and agile best practices complement each other

1 + 1 becomes 3

Top-down and bottom-up implementation complement each other

Elements of lowest-effort yet highest-impact for the enterprise are implemented first

Create the executable transformation framework for your environment

Guiding Principles to turn your business into the agile powerhouse

1 Traditional best practices: 

Project Management, Governance, WaterfallService Management/ITIL and so forth

2 Agile best practices: 

Scrum, self-organisation, Semco and so forth