Training and Coaching in the Missing Pieces

Solution Framework: Part 2

Our practices and solutions have delivered results were the results of popular approaches had been insufficient and projects had failed. What gives us additional confidence are results in fields that had not been analysed, such as Artificial Intelligence and Health Services.

Training and coaching services

  1. A one-word solution to unlock the fresh thinking needed for Business Agile
  2. Guided Self-OrganisationTM: as much freedom as possible; as much direction as needed
  3. Creating executable transformation frameworks
1. A One-Word Solution to Unlock the Fresh Thinking Needed for Business Agile
For organisations to move at digital speed, decision making needs to be transformed to a fresh thinking. A one-word solution unlocks the agile yet reliable thinking to make this work. The word was published in 2011 and got lost in the information overload.
Learn how to
  • get proponents of traditional and agile best practices on the same page very quickly
  • remove practices standing in the way of your agile transformation project with little effort and low risk
  • keep the effective parts of traditional best practices in production 
  • change culture without a culture change project
Available services
  • 4-hour or 6-hour workshop
  • Business coaching
  • 4-step online version for illustration purposes
  • Understand the root cause of the mounting conflicts between traditional and agile best practices
  • Understand the root cause of crippling bureaucracy and overwhelming complexity
  • Learn the one-word solution to both root causes
  • Learn a set of common problems undermining your projects and how they can be solved (6-hour workshop)
  • A list of activities needed to integrate the solution(s) into the daily decision making of your organisation

Workshop and/or Coaching

One word to make the difference
2. Guided Self-OrganisationTM: As Much Freedom as Possible | As Much Direction as Needed
Whether it is the internal communication, strategy management, governance or decision making, in the agile world, all need to operate at the speed and reliability of a high-speed train. Guided Self-Organisations provides the generic framework to adjust these traditional best practices and tools such they deliver to this goal. This framework shows how 
  • decision making can be moved to the optimum level through a two-page only, core-governance structure
  • directions can be written to enable agility 
  • directives, services, standards and processes can be kept reasonability up-to-date, despite the environment changes quicker than the documentation can be updated
  • the agile, bi-directional communication can be made to happen at management and expert levels
  • culture can be changed without a culture change project
Available services
  • 4-hour demonstration workshop
  • Creating the executable transformation framework for Guided Self-Organisation in your organisation: interviews and one to a few workshops
  • Coaching: implementation and operational experiences with 30.000 employees; lessons learned; do’s and don’ts
  • An executable transformation or solution framework 

Workshop and/or Coaching

Speed and reliability requirements for Business Agile
Possible via the Open Process Model
3. Creating Executable Transformation Frameworks
Whether it is for your agile transformation project or for your other projects, a method exists to quickly reduce your project risks and costs drastically. This method: 
  1. Identifies the symptoms: problems to be solved, issues, complaints and the likes
  2. Identifies the changeable problems hiding behind the symptoms
  3. Identifies goals for each of the changeable problems
  4. Identifies the executable transformation framework
  5. Verifies executability by identifying obstacles and roadblocks, and satisfactory solutions to those

With common approaches, organisations get lost in hundreds of problems and endless debates easily. This method avoids this by identifying the high-impact problems. Experience shows that lower-level symptoms disappear as their higher-impact problems are resolved.  

Available services
  • 4-hour demonstration workshop
  • Training to becoming a workshop facilitator
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Content coaching with lessons learned, do’s and don’ts   
  • Workshop facilitator training: trained facilitators
  • Workshop facilitation: an executable transformation or solution framework 
  • Coaching: substantially reduced costs and risks of your project

Workshop, Coaching and/or Facilitation

Executable solution frameworks