The minimum set of practices to make enterprises operate with the speed and reliability of a high-speed train.

The Competitive Advantage

Enterprises operating at the Business-Agile level first, are bound to have a competitive advantage for years to come.

Forward-Looking Organizations Understand

Departments and the complete enterprise need to operate with speed and reliability. 

The focus needs to be on creating business value. 

Insights We Found

Agile at the cross-organizational and enterprise levels is somewhat different than agile in IT or in product development. 

Gaps in today’s agile thinking need to be closed. One such gap is the lack of speed, structure and content for agile decision making. 

 Simple solutions are waiting to be applied. 

Examples of Simple Solutions

Guided Self-OrganisationTM with 30,000 employees provided the bridge to make agile decisions possible and to stay within the boundaries important to the company. Natural process flows provided one of the key features to make it possible. This method was published as the Strategy Management Process and far ahead of its time.

Cultural issues disappeared without a culture change project. They disappeared when straight-forward, technical problems, hiding behind the cultural issues, had been resolved. 

The mounting conflicts between traditional and agile best practices can be solved with a single word.

Approaches for Your Transformation Project

Scale an Agile Best Practice Up to the Cross-Organizational Level

Across the world, organisations have seen many initiatives, addressing the tough problems of the cross-organizational level. A lack of sufficient results was one of the triggers leading to the agile trend. For agile to work at this level, these problems have to be solved with your transformation project.

But, with scale-up projects, where is the attention for the tough problems, the lessons learned, do’s and don’ts? Leave this question unanswered and it will hit your transformation project.   

We leave this approach for others to try.

Use the Low-Cost, Low-Risk,
High-Impact Approach

This approach starts by identifying and solving the environment-specific problems standing in the  way of your transformation project. It uses agile practices, such as natural process flows and makes it attractive to join. With countless obstacles and roadblocks out of the way, risks and costs reduce drastically.  

What we can contribute 

  • Cross-organisational lessons learned, do’s and don’ts
  • Simple solutions, such as how to create natural process flows and the one-word solution above to remove a structural conflict
  • How to find the changeable problems hiding behind requirements and re-occurring problems
  • How to create high-speed, yet reliable decision making: From the hands-on experiences with Guided Self-Organisation
  • How to create executable transformation frameworks 

How We can Help

Listen to or Join the Business-Agile Community

We are a co-founder of an open community of experts and practitioners contributing lessons learned, do’s and don’ts, as well as effective practices.

Feel free to take advantage of advanced knowledge as it comes available.

Feel free to ask tough questions.

Training, Coaching, Facilitation and/or Project Health Checks

We start by accepting that every environment is different.

We listen carefully to what matters and to the hidden problems.

We apply techniques to get people of conflicting views on the same page quickly.

We coach for going beyond the tipping point, where solutions become executable and durable.

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“De Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen geven ons een plan om terug te geven: een gezonde planeet voor toekomstige generaties en een eerlijke verdeling met mensen elders in de wereld”, schrijft SDG-coördinator Sandra Pellegrom in haar eerste blog van 2020.

De noodzaak is er en de wil om samen te werken aan een hoger doel is er ook. Het is alleen een illusie dat dat zich vanzelf organiseert. In het faciliteren en aanjagen van de samenwerking op weg naar resultaat is veel waarde/winst te halen voor alle betrokkenen. #COP25 #NLSDGs

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