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By solving the decision-maker’s dilemma

Pressing business needs
Pressing business needs

To solve the tough problems we face, we need to let go of the thinking that created them and adopt a new way of thinking (applying Einstein). 

Yet, nobody knows what the new thinking could be. This leaves decision-makers with problems that are seemingly impossible to solve.

Yet, many decision-makers, from team leaders to CEOs and politicians, are expected to solve those problems or risk losing their jobs. 

Sustainable Development Goals
Pressing sustainability needs

Inspired by new discoveries of how Einstein and others found breakthrough insights, a new possibility emerged.

Intervene where the highest impact can be made at the lowest costs and risk

Intervention starts by letting go of the thinking that complex matters require complex solutions. 

The executable solution may need to be (amazingly) simple. However, it does require the ability to avoid the traps.

Ability example

The ability to select today’s simplification practices when they work well, avoid them when they create yet more complexity 


 the ability to choose simplification practices that do work well where today’s simplification fails.

A Law of Nature

While the effective solutions to complex matters may be amazingly simple, it may require an integral solution of high(est)-impact elements from different areas and address the wider environment.

1 + 1 becomes 3, 4, or even a lot more

An integral foundation

A foundation to solve the decision-maker’s dilemma

Co-created with independent experts by experience

Einstein practices explained

Drastically lower risks and costs than popular approaches:

Law-of-Nature based

Natural workflows 

Highest-impact focus

Just enough content for executability 

Free to use with a Creative Commons license, even commercially

Add-on Services

To get transformations beyond the tipping points where they become executable, speed up transformations and prevent falling back into old habits

Training and coaching

Training and certification

Complementary training and coaching to the Manifesto

Practices having shown their value in the field

Getting beyond the tipping points where transformations become practical and durable

Fresh solution possibilities 

From impossible to new possibility

For seemingly unsolvable problems and troubled projects 

Today: break complex challenges into a few supposedly manageable parts

Rediscovered: seek what provides the highest value at the lowest costs and risks across the parts

Agile Yet Reliable Decision-MakingTM

 At all levels

A benchmark for competitiveness in today’s complex and constantly changing world

As much freedom as possible, as much guidance and direction as needed to act as a single enterprise

High-speed access to the concise information people need to make agile yet reliable decisions

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