Cracking Complex Problems: 

The Power of Simple But Complementary Solutions

A fresh approach, designed from what had delivered the needed results after multiple attempts with standard solution attempts had delivered insufficient results or failure

Pressing business needs
Pressing business needs
Sustainable Development Goals
Pressing sustainability needs

By Listening

  • To what decision makers need to make better decisions
  • To what people need to do their job
  • Beyond the surface

By Intervening 

  • Where the highest impact can be made at the lowest costs and risk

By Integrating 

  • Relevant Laws of Nature

When applied

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An integral foundation

A foundation to make better decisions with little effort

Co-created with independent experts by experience

Free to use with a Creative Commons license, even commercially

Add-on Services

To get transformations beyond the tipping points where they become executable, speed up transformations and prevent falling back into old habits

Training and coaching

Training and certification

Complementary training and coaching to the Manifesto

Practices having shown their value in the field

Relevant Laws of Nature

Agile Yet Reliable Decision-MakingTM at all levels

A benchmark for agile scale-up

Based on:

As much freedom as possible, as much guidance and direction as needed to act as a single enterprise

High-speed access to the concise information people need to make agile yet reliable decisions

From the experiences with 30,000 people